HVH Group | Barangaroo
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About This Project

HVH Group’s role at Barangaroo has primarily been preparing for the transition from the building phase into and operations phase for the Public Domain. The scope of works comprised the scoping of a Facilities Management solution for the client, including the procurement and award of contract to a private sector facilities management company. Providing advice on maintenance scheduling and defects rectification management. Our Operations Consultancy services have also included the finalisation of external carpark management contracts as well as CCTV solutions and operating framework for onsite security particularly for events. HVH Group have played a critical role in reviewing tender documentation for future stages of Barangaroo to ensure that Design briefs include integrated service and operations considerations in their outcomes. We have also been project managing and independent consultancy for a site wide food and beverage strategy. Our role at Baraganroo is currently ongoing.